Bedtime Space Shuttle Take Off

Bedtime Space Shuttle Take Off

Parent to CHILD: Children often fall asleep better when following a routine.  To that effect, this is good to repeat each night after all other stories have been read, child in bed and comfy, water sipped, lights off.  Child can respond to the questions or can just keep his/her eyes closed and the parent does all the talking.  For better bedtime effect, repeat each night.  Works for girls and boys!


PARENT: Ground control to space shuttle captain: 

CHILD:  Roger that.

PARENT: Ready to take off in your rocket ship?

PARENT: Close your eyes and let’s get ready for take off. 

PARENT: Before blast off, let’s take a walk around the space shuttle to make sure everything is ready.

PARENT: Fuel tank full?


PARENT: Space food packed?


PARENT: Boosters ready?




PARENT: Time to put on your space suit. 

PARENT ask the child the color of his/her space suit the first time and then for future evenings, you’ll know what color it is and you can just fill it in:   What color is yours?  

PARENT: Step into your big puffy __favorite color___ space suit.

PARENT: Time to put on your helmet.

PARENT: Time to climb inside your space shuttle!

PARENT: Are you comfy in your Captain’s chair?  (meaning his/her bed)

PARENT: Cockpit ready.

PARENT: Fasten your seatbelt.

PARENT: Ready for blast off!


PARENT: Control Center to space shuttle captain.  

PARENT: Prepare for countdown.

CHILD: Roger that.

PARENT: Blast off in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one…

PARENT: Ah, isn’t it beautiful. 

PARENT: Millions and millions of stars…great place to dream.