Posted on 2/16/2015 by Monica
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Part of this project is to learn to be kinder and gentler to myself. Yesterday I visited my almost 5yr old friend Lily and I read her the story about Isabel wanting to be a mermaid. As I read it, I realized wording and sentences and such that I wanted to change. I got embarrassed, disappointed in myself. Put myself down. Didn't want to post a story...wanted to go back and edit all my stories. Wanted to rewrite, or create new ones that I wouldn't be embarrassed of. The little voice in my head put myself down so much I didn't post a story yesterday. But this afternoon, I "wasted" a lot of time criticizing myself. Then I reminded myself that part of this project was to be kinder, gentler to myself. Working on letting go of being disappointed in myself for xyz. We all have the voice in our heads. Sometimes that little voice is a pain in the ass. With this project I'm writing a new script for that voice. "Writing isn't perfect. The stories are what they are. Just write them. Just do it. "No post yesterday, breath, let it go, and post two today. Keep going. Kinder, gentler. Breathe. Let go. Be nicer to yourself. Breath."


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