Monica and Niece Alex
I am a woman, a wife, a mom in my heart, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a massage therapist, a business partner with my husband, and a writer!

My stories are influenced by being raised in the woods in rural Connecticut and now living in New York City with my husband and no pets. I am both a country mouse and a city mouse!

Ever since I learned to write, I have written in a personal journal/diary. For me, writing has always been therapeutic. I have started quite a few adult fiction and nonfiction books but, unfortunately, due to fear, they have gone no further than my computer.

Over the past few years, my nephew and niece inspired me to write children's books. I listen to what is going on in their lives and what I hear from other adults and children and create stories that I hope will form a human connection among all of us.

Here's to leaning in and expanding!

With love and gratitude for reading my stories,

Monica O'Leary Singh