Story Time

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Illustration by John DeGiorgio
On this website, I will be posting a variety of stories I've written. Some may be part of a series, like "The Grape Sisters", others are poem short, like "My Little One".

Imaginations required! I have asked a few talented friends to illustrate a couple of the stories, but mostly, the kids will need to use their imaginations for now!

At the end of each story, there will be End of Book Questions you can use to discuss the topics with the young readers.

Please scroll down to click on the stories. Happy Reading!

Today: TGS Tasha's Special Delivery
The Grape Sisters Book One
The Unlikely Garden - About an Industrious Dung Beetle
TGS: Penny's Tea Party
Once Upon a Night
TGS:Treasures in the Attic
TGS: Vacation Time
TGS: The Luau
Me Just As I Am
TGS Blueberry Picking
Bedtime Space Shuttle Take Off
Brownie in the House